Milk Production System

When efficiency and efficacy matter

Milk Production become more effective when you have exact production figure of each individual milking animal. Milker role in DairyCare Software can manage Milk Production.

DairyCare Milk module handles all aspects with simplicity and efficiency. You experience bliss when milking, reports (milking) and graphs are seamlessly integrated.

Attendance Management System

Milk capture from varied sources

Record Table View Milking

Our Milk system captures milk data, effectively & user friendly. This data is seamlessly integrated with the Reproduction module.

Capture Data From Excel

Our Milk System provide milk import from excel spreadsheet, Just download excel formatted sheet from our software & import it and all of your data entry is done by just one click on submit.

Capture Milk Data of Animals One by One

If you want to capture milk data one by one of your animals, we have such view to entertain your request smoothly.

GPS Based Attendance Tracking

Milk System Dashboard

Milking Animals

Be aware from your current milking animals. Milk animals directly integrated with Reproduction System.

Per Month Milk Graphs

You don’t need to rely on getting report of monthly production, make quick overview of monthly milking in terms of pie chart and line charts.

Milk Graph

Milk Production Reports

Milk Reports

DairyCare Software has multiple milk production reports includes, Day-Wise Milk Report, Group-Wise Milk Report and also another configurable Group-Wise Milk Report and many more, which are essential to make your dairy profitable.

Graphical Milk Reports

DairyCare's Milk module alse facilitate user to have milk production graph reports which provides better understanding of cow's milk production.

Employee Time and Attendance Software

Milk Consumption & Dispatach

Chiller Manager

DairyCare’s milk system provides chiller system to gether all milk production in chiller which tracks your chiller on any day.

Milk Consumption Entry

    You can make many consumption heads as you can like:
  • Mess Consumption
  • Employee Consumption
  • Miscellaneous Consumption & e.t.c

Milk Dispatach

    Milk Dispatach entry is done by an accountant integrated with accounts system, automatically includes:
  • Corporate Dispatach
  • Local Dispatch